About Us

Recording Arts is an award-winning, professional production company dedicated to bringing a true major label recording experience to artists both signed and unsigned.

We utilize our extensive experience, “outside the box” creativity, vast credentials and world-class facilities together to help plan, coordinate, and produce recordings that compete with the music on the contemporary market…be it radio, digital downloads or even traditional formats such as CD’s and vinyl.


Our goal is to analyze and understand your musical vision and bring out the aspects that make your art unique while simultaneously creating commercially viable masters.


With major label production and performance credits (Capitol, Epic, BMG, Imago, Luaka Bop), networking relationships with virtually every major label and music publishing company (Universal, Interscope, EMI, Sony/ATV to name a few), Recording Arts is uniquely qualified to bring the industry perspective to the artist. This allows us to confidently bring top-level production services as well as artist development and consultation services to our clients.


We take the artist from the planning stages, budget analysis, pre-production, production and recording, post-production and mastering, all the way to the duplication and distribution stages. This helps us ensure a final professional work that we, and the artist, can be proud of and which gives them the best chance for success.


Meet the Recording Arts Team