emmett swimming

“Marco Delmar has played a critical role in emmet swimmingʼs development as a band. Of all the producers weʼve worked with over the years, weʼve never worked with anyone who approaches Marcoʼs ability to build trust and get the most out of an artist. Marco has played a critical role in helping us develop. This trust with a producer is critical for artists, particularly those who are getting started or less experienced in a studio environment. For over 20 years, he has been a constant mentor, partner, and friend to each of us.”- Todd Watts, emmet swimming


“Speaking from experience, Marco gets huge sounds and great performances out of the artists who record with him. I’d put his finished products up against nationally renowned recording studios any day.” – Billy Coulter

Laura Baron

“Marco is an extraordinary producer and engineer. He is an expert guide, taking me into the magical territory where art emerges. Marco creates an environment that enables me to reach inside and deliver honest performances filled with the kind of raw emotion I want to share with my audience” – Laura Baron


“Marco, as a producer and engineer, has a way of bringing the best out in a studio session and recording while at the same time challenging the artist to stay true to the music.” – Lynn Hollyfield

“Marco knows his music, no question! He knows how to bring out the best in your performance.” – Bridget Cady

“Stephanie was the midwife to Veronneau’s first two CD’s, both of which went into the national Top 10 charts for World and Jazz music. What a great engineer and what a pleasure to work with. Calm, helpful….and funny; the perfect complement to Marco”. Ken Avis, Veronneau

Christylez Bacon


“Delmar’s knowledge of sound in general makes him a go-to for a diverse number of situations, from Hip-Hop to Folk music.” – Christylez Bacon


“Recording Arts is a first class studio that caters to all genres of music. Marco Delmar and his staff create a professional atmosphere while providing a unique sense of family at the same time. From the start of our project to the finish, Marco was able to get the best out of us in a manner that was not only comforting but humorous at times. For the highest level of quality production…this is where you need to be.” – Ed Zigo, westmain

 “Working with Jessica Baber is a totally positive experience. Aside from a professional and congenial personality, Jessica has great ears, a laser beam mental focus, and an effortlessly efficient work style.” – Nancy Scimone

“Working at Recording Arts really helped me achieve my goals. Having recorded at studios such as NRG, Hollywood Sound Recorders and others, Recording arts hit me with a breath of fresh air, and Marco is easy going and fantastic to work with! Its a true musicians studio that’s filled with creative energy. Love it!” – Aaron Crawford

“Working with Marco has really set a standard for me. His patience and laid back attitude really helps me to exude the violence I need for my vocal tracks. As a metal musician we can be the biggest bitches of all when it comes to recording. Marco herds the cats and gets some amazing stuff out of me”. – Matt Rice

“Jessica was so nice and hard working. We would love to record more with y’all! ” – Tim CanalichioTwo Ton Twig