DSC_0176Music Production
Recording Arts, The Wammies 2014 Recording Studio of the Year, empowers you to create and identify your sound. Our team of award-winning producers (Marco Delmar, Michael Ivey and Ken Barnum) all believe in nurturing an artist’s vision and style. We will supervise the entire recording process from mixing, digital editing, to mastering your work. Our producers will also help gather ideas for your project, select songs and/or musicians, and coach you as an artist in the studio. We will co-ordinate the entire creative process ensuring your music is unique and accessible.

Recording Arts can take a project in development to the next level. We provide supplementary mixing, remixing or editing to create a final broadcast quality product. We can work with you remotely or in the studio, giving us the flexibility to work with many overseas artists.

The Recording Arts “Finishing” ServiceMarshall
Recording Arts provides a support service for aspiring DIY producers. We offer advice and direction on existing home recordings, and make improvements to editing, mixing and production. You should view us as your “back-up team” – we are ready to provide quality control and “polish” to your own creations.

Music Business Consultation
The Recording Arts music business consultation service offers musicians strategic guidance with their careers. We review your goals and artistic vision, assess your strengths and weaknesses, and discuss financial and administrative responsibilities, such as your recording budget, manufacturing options and copyright issues. The overall aim of the consultation is to create an accessible and actionable business strategy for you to execute on a short, medium and long-term basis. We also aim to nurture artist development by laying the foundations for creative and artistic growth. Consultations are automatically included in all Recording Arts projects, however, one-off consultations are also available.



Mobile Recording
Do you want to record a “live” album? Are you fans demanding exclusive live material? Recording Arts has a state-of-the-art mobile recording facility which allows us to go on location with you to capture the essence of your live experience.

Voice-over Recording
Recording Arts offers a voice-over recording service for both amateur and professional projects. We provide coaching for aspiring voice-over artists who need demos for movie trailers, commercials, and long-form narratives such as books and TV shows. We also work with production companies on commissioned projects, and source voice-over professionals for them. We offer a fully comprehensive service which includes coaching, recording and editing.

Audio Restoration
Do you have old cassettes you want to keep forever? Or an existing recording that needs audio improvements? At Recording Arts we provide an audio restoration service that will transfer old recordings into a digital format, improve sound quality, and bring your music to life again.

Our standard recording rate is $75 per hour. However, music videos, mobile recordings and consultations are charged on a case-by-case basis according to your needs. Please contact us now for a no-obligation quote and consultation.